Inger’s Top 10 Movies That Made Her Want to Travel…!

Before we start, I guess we need to be clear that before I met Sacha I knew there were lots of beautiful places in the world, like I knew a car needed a battery to work… I just didn’t realise I could visit them, too! Movies are a magical way of firing your imagination and sometimes it can be just a small scene from a movie that makes you yearn to travel. In most cases, I didn’t realise these places existed until after I saw the movie, now they are top of my bucket list (which we are slowly working through…!).

1. Anne of Green Gables

Probably my earliest recollection of desperately wanting to visit somewhere – Anne of Green Gables captured my heart and my imagination when I was a young girl, and still today, Prince Edward Island remains top of my bucket list.

2. Cars

Moab, Utah

Moab, Utah

The animated Disney film, Cars inspired my desire to travel through the wild west of America – think Monument Valley, Moab, Arches National Park and the Grand Canyon.

Monument Valley.

Inger in Monument Valley.

I am very happy to say I can tick this off my bucket list and it truly was some of the most spectacular scenery I’ve ever seen.

3. The Da Vinci Code

Stunning European scenery, and simply the pure adventure and mystery of it all! After watching this movie, I really wanted to go back and take my time exploring all those wonderful European cities, and their treasures… museums, art galleries, churches and gardens.

The inverted pyramid at the Louvre.

The inverted pyramid at the Louvre.

4. My Life in Ruins

Ancient ruins in Greece.

Ancient ruins in Greece.

A wonderful movie about a tour guide leading a difficult tour group through Greece. If this film doesn’t inspire you to see all the incredible ancient sites Greece has, nothing will.

The wonders of Meteora, Greece.

The wonders of Meteora, Greece.

5. The Saint

Filmed in both England and Russia, after seeing The Saint, I wanted to explore both countries.

Saint Basil's Cathedral.

Saint Basil’s Cathedral.

Russia is still on my bucket list…

6. Cocktail

Surely after watching Cocktail anyone would want to spend time on any of the glorious Caribbean Islands – crystal clear waters, hot sunny days, reggae music and beach bars in paradise. The idyllic setting of the Caribbean went straight to my heart and it is now one of my most loved destinations.

The Caribbean island of St Martin.

The Caribbean island of St Martin.

7. The Way

Ahhh… the Camino de Santiago… walking the 800km trek from southern France and across northern Spain is an ancient route Catholic pilgrims took to reach the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. The Way is a beautiful film of one man’s journey on the Camino de Santiago, after his son died while walking the trail, he decides to complete it in his son’s honour. After seeing this film, the Camino is second top of my bucket list, after Prince Edward Island. One day I will walk that trail…

8. Mama Mia

Who hasn’t seen this film and wanted to hightail it to the Greek Islands to dance and sing up a storm?!? Beautiful scenery and the stereotypical Greek way of life make this a very enticing film, indeed.

Inger on the beautiful island of Santorini.

Inger on the beautiful island of Santorini.

We were lucky cruise through the Greek Islands in May 2014 and Patmos, Rhodes, Crete and Santorini were absolutely over and above my expectations.

9. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

A crime thriller set in Sweden, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is an intense movie experience, showcasing both Stockholm and the stunningly rugged Swedish countryside.  Both of which I can’t wait to explore!

10. Into the Wild

After watching Into the Wild, not only did I have the urge to travel to Alaska and through the USA and Canada, but just simply to pack up and travel… anywhere!

At the big Redwood forest in northern California.

At the big Redwood forest in northern California.

The whole idea of not having any plans and travelling wherever the urge takes you is mind blowing. To this day, after either Sacha or I have had a bad day, we will often ask each other if today’s the day we should just sell up and travel till all the money’s gone…



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