Our Travel Fails… (when things didn’t quite work out how we expected….)

When you talk to our girls about their favourite holiday memories, it’s often the things that made them laugh the most that they remember as being the best times. Usually with us, that means that something didn’t quite go as expected. Here are some of our most memorable travel fails…!

Never wear white pants on an airplane.

A few years ago, Amie wore white pants on a flight from Los Angeles to Sydney. She looked lovely and it wouldn’t have been a problem, except she fell asleep half way through eating a Toblerone chocolate bar, which subsequently dropped, squashed and melted between her legs.

Amie in her now famous white pants...

Amie in her now famous white pants…

When she stood up at the end of the flight, we both thought she had an accident of the solid kind… as did everyone else walking behind her as we went through Customs, Immigration and on to our connecting flight to Adelaide.

Listen to instructions when using a public shower.

I was fortunate enough to try Emirates first class on the A380 (the one with the onboard shower).

Inger before her soapy shower experience.

Inger before her soapy shower experience.

This was something I was very excited about trying as when can you ever have a shower at 40,000 feet? I’d planned my shower for 2 hours before landing, however, we hit turbulence and I couldn’t get in to the shower until 45 minutes before landing. The hostess babbled off the shower instructions and I was just wanting to dive right in so I had enough time. Turns out the showers work on a timer system, which makes perfect sense, and I managed to even wash my hair in the first two timer sessions, lathered my entire body full of soap when the second timer ran out. I hit the timer button for one last time. And… nothing. Seems there is a limit of two timer sessions per shower time, which I had missed in her initial instructions. There I was, 40,000 feet and descending… my entire body lathered in soap… and no way to wash it off. Let’s just leave it with the fact that I had to wipe it all off with a towel and sit slimy and sticky until I reached home.

Awkward photographs…

Sometimes its tricky to get that perfect shot! While we were in Moab, in the USA at a beautiful part of the world, at the Sorrel River Ranch, Summer wanted her photo taken with a horse. As she stood in front of him, he suddenly sneezed which made her jump a foot in the air and left her feeling like she had horsey goo (residue/slime…) on her shoulder and in her hair!

Summer and the horse... just before the sneezing incident.

Summer and the horse… just before the sneezing incident.

And this one, after mountain bike riding in Bali.

Unfortunate placement of the arrow sign.

Unfortunate placement of the arrow sign…

Make sure you know your destination before boarding any transport.

Many years ago, when Sacha and I were backpacking through Europe, we found ourselves in gorgeous Scotland, up in Inverness.

On our way to Wick (and Thurso).

On our way to Wick (and Thurso).

The country was so beautiful, we wanted to go further north and booked accommodation and train tickets for Wick. The train itself was a small local train with 2 carriages which had been delayed for a couple of hours. This was no problem, however, I did wonder whether our accommodation would still be open if we were to arrive so late at night. What we didn’t realise is that the train was going to Wick, but also to Thurso and at some point in our journey the train carriages split apart and one carriage continued to Wick and the other continued to Thurso.

The back of the pamphlet, showing the split of Thurso and Wick.

The back of the pamphlet, showing the split of Thurso and Wick.

Naturally, having no idea of this, we ended up in the carriage going to Thurso, where we arrived about midnight with no accommodation and ended up sleeping on the freezing wharf for the night! Good times… good times.

Always take a change of clothes in your hand luggage.

When our girls were small, we flew from Adelaide to Orlando. We survived the Adelaide-Sydney flight; Sydney-Los Angeles flight and were absolutely exhausted on the Los Angeles- Orlando flight. One of the girls wanted the comfort of sleeping on their daddy’s lap, so Sacha dozed with her on his lap the whole way across America… well, most of the way. At some point he woke up with warm liquid all over him and running down his legs which didn’t seem right, until he realised his little angel had pee’d all over him … and he hadn’t bought a change of clothes for himself in his hand luggage! Very soggy (possibly even unpleasant…?) way to end a 36 hour journey.

At the airport, ready to go, with no change of clothes in our hand luggage.

At the airport, ready to go, with no change of clothes in our hand luggage.

… Passports…

When you’re gathering together your documents for your holiday in two days time, and something makes you check your passport and you realise it is about to expire… there are no words for this. Well. Except for ’embarrassing’ when I had to make a mad dash to the Department of Immigration to get it urgently renewed…!

Mistaken Identity.

We live in a multicultural world, right? Several years ago, Sacha was in Dubai for work, and thoroughly enjoyed his buffet meal at the hotel. As with many places in Dubai, the hotel restaurant was run with Indian staff. At one point, Sacha got up to get some more food and noticed a waitress standing near his table in the obligatory white shirt and black skirt. Thinking he was doing a nice thing and helping her clear the table, he picked up his plate and handed it to her and said ‘Here, can I give you this? I’ve finished with it, thank you.’ To which she frowned and said very rudely (and justifiably…) ‘Sir, I am a guest at this hotel. I do not work here!’ … Awkward. Just plain awkward.

Buffet restaurant in Dubai.

Buffet restaurant in Dubai.

Hope you’ve been able to have a good chuckle at some of our travel fails… we certainly did!

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