Lufthansa Business Class – A380

Sacha on Lufthansa flight.

Marion, my mother, and I travelled with Lufthansa on their new Airbus 380 from Singapore to Frankfurt.

Looking down the business class cabin.

With Lufthansa business class, once on-board and seated before take-off you get a refreshing welcome drink, bowl of hot nuts and a fully stocked travellers amenities kit with socks, tooth brush kit and eye shades etc.

Welcome drink and nuts.

Amenities kit.

The business class section on the Airbus 380 is on the upper deck and has 78 business class seats, split in a 2 // 2 // 2 configuration. For some reason I always feel special when I get seated on the upper deck of an airplane, so I love flying on the A380.
The business class seat turns into a fully flat bed for sleeping, measuring 1.98 cm and is 51 cm wide, giving you plenty of room to stretch out and relax.

Fully flat bed.

Lufthansa provides a blanket and pillow to make you feel more homely when it’s time to get some sleep. The issue with Lufthansa business class seating is that they are angled towards each other, so that your feet share the same area as the person next to you, with only a small dividing wall. I sat next to my mother on this flight and many times during the night as we tried to get some sleep our feet touched, which was fine as we are related. I think it would be very awkward to sit next to a stranger and have this happen. This is clearly a design flaw and something Lufthansa needs to get fixed, maybe they need to have the seats put straight or on a reverse angel to offer more privacy and less chance of touching the person next to you during the night which could be a little embarrassing. If you pay the price for business class you should not feel awkward or be put in a situation like this.

View of the awkward foot section.

There are 4 toilets in the business class section (for 78 flyers) on the upper deck of the Airbus A380, the ratio was not as good as other airlines in business class. At times we had to wait in line to use the bathroom (…real first world issues, I know).

When it comes to the inflight service offered by Lufthansa business class on this flight it was really a mixed bag. One of the stewards was excellent, super friendly and did a wonderful job (young man from Thailand). The other steward in our section was rude, unfriendly and clearly must have missed customer service training (middle aged lady from Germany). The difference between them was the difference between night and day. I hope for Lufthansa that this steward was just having a bad day.

Business Class menu.

The meals offered by Lufthansa were very nice, a good selection of hardy German fair and all tasted great. As you would expect for a German airline, there were a lot of meat dishes and rich cream filled cakes for desert which were mouth-watering. Being Dutch I loved the food, so no complaints from me about the meals I had.

Main meal.

Each seat has a large personal tv screen, mounted on the back of the seat in-front. The range of entertainment is limited compared to other airlines. That said, they still had a range of new release movies and TV shows. Lufthansa also had a lot of German movies and TV shows catering for their home market, travelling Germans which is understandable.


Would I recommend Lufthansa and would I fly them again myself? I would have to think about it and see what other airlines were offering and if the price was right. Lufthansa offers some of the most competitive business class airfares on the market and this is reflected on their inflight offerings… you get what you pay for.

Seat 2/5                                 Not a good design as your feet share the same space as the person next to you
Inflight Service 2/5               Hit and miss
Inflight meal 5/5                   Good selection on offer
Inflight entertainment 4/5   Limited choice compared to other airlines

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