Growing up in Adelaide, South Australia, Sacha and I met at high school; fell in love and as soon as the last exam in Year 12 ended, we headed overseas for an amazing year travelling and exploring Europe. We camped our way through 25 countries, including Eastern Europe, which had just opened up after the Berlin Wall came down a few years earlier.

Sacha grew up in a family already passionate about travel, and I fell in love with travelling during my first overseas trip with Sacha in 1992.

Since then, we are mortgaged up to the eyeballs, but have spent every spare penny travelling as often as we can, sharing this amazing world we live in with our daughters (Bailey, 16; Amie 14 and Summer 9)… and we have loved every minute of it! They are now as travel obsessed as we are, and it’s not unusual for us to receive an email from one of our daughters (during school time, I might add), saying they’ve just been researching this cruise or that destination, can we go there, please?!?

Currently, our family favourite destinations include the USA – visiting and exploring the USA on some 6 separate occasions, including an epic 3 month driving holiday, where we picked up a car in Los Angeles and drove an enormous loop around the country (incredible!) and also cruising in the Caribbean. Well, lets be honest, as a family we love cruising and would cruise anywhere! Sacha has also fallen in love with the Croatia coast and the Patagonia region of southern Chile, while I’m sure I left a little bit of my heart in Turkey, the islands of the Mediterranean and Greece.

Sacha is also extremely fortunate to travel extensively for work and has currently visited almost 80 countries, and I have visited over 50 countries (yes, we are having a competition… and yes, unfortunately, I am loosing soundly!) luckily we have so much more to explore together.

We don’t plan to stop travelling any time soon, it’s in our DNA. We put this blog together to share our experiences, hope you enjoy the journey as much as we do!

Some things about us…:

Inger prefers 5 star accommodation over camping.

Sacha prefers nature over big cities.

Sacha loves to drive and would think nothing about driving coast to coast through America in 5 days, which would make him as happy as a fly on a birthday cake!

Inger’s favourite country is Scotland.

Inger loves to cruise, but gets seasick easily.

Sacha has never missed a meal on a cruise ship, even in a storm with 8 metre waves.

Inger is a ‘forced’ adrenaline junky (meaning she gets bullied by the kids), most recently going zip-lining through the jungle in Bonaire.

Sacha is a big baby. Oops… I meant to say he is afraid of heights and excessive speed. (Hence Inger being the ‘forced’ adrenaline junky)

Inger has read over 500 historical romance novels.

Sacha’s favourite country is America.

Both Sacha and Inger (and our daughters) are obsessed with the shows Survivor and the Amazing Race.

Sacha has no sense of direction – Inger does all the navigating and never gets them lost.

Sacha does most of the driving.

Inger is a fussy eater. Sacha eats almost everything.

Sacha is an obsessive travel planner, having a 5 year travel plan in place.

Inger is the best packer known to man and is super organised.

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